I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2007, but then I left it to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. I began my artistic journey in visual art with a Master program in Illustration at the Azad University of Tehran and continued my education with a Master degree in Painting in Bologna and Zurich. In 2015, under supervision of Silvia Evangelisti and Luca Caccioni, I completed my thesis on "Fetish as an Object: Evidence from Islamic Art" and a series of sculptures, made from Raku Ceramic, titled "Nostalgia: Self-Portraits and Daily Objects". The series of self-portraits that was an idea to symbolize memories in daily objects, were selected by Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna for presentation in the First International Festival of Schools of Art and Design (FISAD, 2015), Turin, Italy. I have exhibited my works in several exhibitions in Iran, Italy, and Germany.

     My past is what has made me the person I am today. Challenges of the youth of a girl in an Islamic country, and social experiences of living in different countries, all made me interested in thinking deeply about personal interpretations and practices of culture. The focus of my art is on objects that we frequently use in our daily life and on habitual actions that represent our norms and values. Even though being used frequently , these objects and actions identify us.

     Being inspired by common perception of daily life, I narrate my stories of human experiences. Challenges facing a human soul in a technological world and experiences of social interactions in different countries all kept me thinking about human suffering. Individualism of the West and collectivism of the East, both disappoint you in your expectations. Rather than spotlighting human sufferings, I seek inner peace to relieve them, as the moment of seeing a stunning view of the sunrise. The precious treasure of Persian literature and mysticism inspires me to look beyond what is obvious and to look deeper inside myself. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” (Rumi, 13th c.)

     Mansa Sabaghian (b. 1985, IR)